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I've had a love for music ever since an early age. I guess one could say I was one of those people that got their vaccination from a phonographic needle. Previously, I purchased guitar picks from various bands I had seen through the years. I had them formed into a guitar shape and framed it for my office. Several people around the office thought it was cool and thought I should turn it into a poster. That got me to thinking, which led to these posters.

As I continued to go to concerts, it became clear that music passes through generations. Thanks to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, along with parents listening habits, the younger generation are exposed to all types of great music.

One might ask, why "Gdogs Cosmic Rock?" Glad you asked. Gdog was easy. It's the nickname of my son and for Cosmic Rock, I found it fitting. I don't know about you, but when I hear a song while driving, at a restaurant, or wherever, it can take me back in time to some place in my life. It can be comforting, bring up bad memories or remind me of friends and fun times. So to me it's kind of Cosmic! I hope whichever poster you have, that each time you look at it you can find a band, think of a song and enjoy the Cosmic ride!

I want to thank Carole, Larissa, Ben, Jake and Steve for all their help in making this become real. Phillip, many thanks for encouraging me to keep going when I was thinking what did I get myself into! A special thanks to Denise for taking an interest in my posters and getting me a contact name which lead to these posters becoming available through allposters.com and postersrevolution.com. I want to thank my family for giving me the time permitted to tackle such a project and their continued support through this project. I know I drive them crazy with buttons everywhere and never ending questions. There are many other friends, too numerous to list, that I want to thank too. Last but not least, I want to thank God for the continuous blessings in my life.

John Jordin